Have your Etsy sales suddenly dropped? Ours did and here is what we did to get them back.

etsy etsy help etsy marketing etsy sales etsy seo etsy troubleshooting May 17, 2021

If your Etsy sales have been down the past few months and you didn’t know why it was happening, you are not aloneWe noticed immediately after Easter, our shop sales dramatically decreased.

To give you a reference point, for our Etsy shop, we average about 30 orders a day. But it wasn’t our normal selling season, we were in the middle of Mother’s Day, one of the biggest holidays of the year for our shop.

So while we typically average 30 orders a day, during the Mother’s Day rush, we average around 60 orders a day. Unfortunately, our daily sales were not even close to our normal holiday numbers, making it the worst Mother’s Day sales we have had since running the shop full time. 

We had no idea what was happening, a holiday where we are normally slammed, we didn’t have enough orders to keep our production staff busy. Our daily sales were down by over half of what they usually were for Mother’s Day.


You can imagine our stress levels.


Some months are busier than others and it averages out at the end of the year. The problem was this was supposed to be one of those busier holidays. 

The sudden decline in orders helped drive home what I teach my students: whatever platform you sell on, playing by that platform’s rules is imperative to your success. Whenever Etsy makes an algorithm change or is promoting something new such as videos, you want to keep up with those changes to be found in search. 

This is why it is so important to follow a shop owner who still runs an Etsy shop. They are going to notice and feel the pain when Etsy makes any changes. Just like when Etsy made the switch to free shipping in 2019.

I know some shops’ products are not conducive to free shipping, but a lot of people made that change to get found in search. If you are not being found in search, you are not making sales. 

If you want to follow a full-time Etsy shop owner and coach that still sells on Etsy and stay up-to-date on Etsy changes that affect your sales, make sure to grab our free road map guide here. This is the exact framework we use daily in our full-time Etsy shop.


So do you want to know what brought back our sales this time?


We found that Etsy made a change in the customer filter options on the top left side of the search page. They are now prioritizing shops that align their shipping timelines with Etsy’s “estimated arrival” shipping timelines. 


Our shipping profiles in our Etsy shop backend did not have the “official shipping carrier” timelines.

To edit them, go to your Etsy shop dashboard and click on settings and then shipping settings. Click "edit" on one of your shipping profiles and make sure you fill out the section Fixed Shipping Prices along with the carriers you use. 


Because we play on Etsy’s field, we have to play by Etsy’s rules.


In the end, we are a full-time Etsy seller and our livelihood comes from our revenue from our shop. It is similar when any other platform such as Facebook, Instagram, or Google makes a change in their algorithm, you either adapt or get left behind.

Now, of course, the decision is yours if you want to adhere to those changes. 

At the end of April, we switched over our shipping profiles to match Etsy’s new filter. Since making that change, our sales are now back. We still missed out on Mother’s Day this year, but we are thankful to be moving forward. 

I would love to hear from you. Have your sales been down? If you decide to change your shipping profiles, let me know on Instagram @smallshopsuccess if your sales come back too.

And do you know of other Etsy sellers who sales dramatically dropped? Would you share this with them? Running a small business is hard, but we can help each other out and make the journey easier! 

And as always…